Proactive Paneling

Cold storage facilities where frequent scrub downs occur—such as commissaries, processing rooms, clean rooms and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities—need to be proactive in preventing growth of mold or mildew.

Operating as a virtually seamless joint system between wall and ceiling panels to avoid this type of buildup, Metl-Span® FRP CleanSeam panels are engineered specifically to provide superior temperature control and insulation in compliance with all federal food safety regulations.

The FRP CleanSeam system is virtually maintenance-free and features a fiberglass-reinforced plastic that allows the panels to blend, eliminating any penetrable spaces. While many caulked-joints deteriorate quickly with frequent hot water, high-pressure spray cleanings and harsh chemicals, the FRP CleanSeam caulk system bonds adjacent FRP surfaces together to form a reliable, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free seal to promote a sterile environment.

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