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Our AIA  and GBCI Continuing Education, face-to-face courses are available for presentation by our Business Development Account Managers in lunch and learn settings or can be scheduled for presentation at local AIA chapter meetings.  To schedule a lunch and learn, please use the Contact Us feature of our site.

AIA Course Overview Brochure

Designing with Commercial/Industrial Insulated Metal Wall Panels (IMP008)
This new course focuses on design considerations when using commercial/industrial insulated metal wall panels. Panel characteristics, market segments, paint and textured finishes, coatings, design options including integration with other materials, interior wall finishes, flashings and extrusions are all reviewed. Supporting structure design including steel alignment/tolerances, pre-engineered buildings and panel spans are addressed. Functional considerations including environmental control layers (air, vapor, water and thermal) are examined. A full color animated video provides a step by step understanding of how IMPs are installed. Code compliance including air/water, thermal and fire safety is also addressed. The program concludes with product and installation warranties, including paint, corrosion and weather tightness.

Insulated Metal Panels: The “Perfect” Envelope Solution (IMP007)
A new course for 2017, we review the physics of building envelopes, including hygrothermal loads, control layers, climate zones and cladding functions. The importance of control layer continuity at wall, roof and slab connections is studied. We look at how IMPs perform the same functions as multi-component wall systems through the use of panels joints, sealants and an insulating core. Emphasis is placed on the concept of the “Perfect/Universal Wall”, and how utilizing the proper ordering of wall components can greatly simplify wall design in all climate zones. Energy codes are also touched on, including their impact on the use of “Perfect/Universal Wall” designs. This course reduces a relatively complex subject to a level that teaches practical concepts for the building designer.

Rainscreens, Barrier Walls and the IMP Solution (IMP005)
This new course is designed to review the building science behind popular wall assemblies used in today’s construction market, with an emphasis on rainscreens, barrier walls and insulated metal panels. We review the air, vapor and water management methods used by each type of assembly, the purpose of vapor retarders and barriers and the various materials used to establish these control layers. We also examine the use of IMPs as a replacement for traditional multi-component backup walls in rainscreen systems. The program also addresses how IMPs handle air, vapor, water and thermal management through the use of a single, factory assembled wall component. The program concludes with a review of the various code requirements including air barriers, water barriers and fire safety.

Insulated Metal Panels on the Roof, All-In-One Building Enclosure (IMP004)
This course is a primer for insulated metal roof panels. We discuss how IMPs provide all four control layers in a single component (air, vapor, water and thermal). IMP roofs are compared to other roofing systems, particularly in regards to maintenance, installation and thermal performance. Energy savings due to improved air barrier performance (as measured by whole building air leakage tests) is also reviewed. Evolving energy codes have contributed to the increased use of exterior rigid insulation, and IMP roofs help meet these requirements. Product configurations including sizes, profiles and metal facings are also discussed.

Mineral Wool Core Panels: Innovative, Sustainable Fire Resistive Wall Construction (IFR002)
Mineral wool core panels provide an excellent alternative to foam core insulated metal panels and other traditional materials where the wall assembly need to be fire resistive. Ratings of up to three hours can be achieved by this product. These panels also provide all necessary control layers in a single component: air, vapor, water and thermal. Acoustic properties of the product are also evaluated. Product configurations including sizes, profiles and metal facings are studied. Code compliance and generic details are reviewed. Mineral wool core panels and their contribution to LEED credits are also studied.


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IMPs, EPDs and HPDs: Sustainability and Transparency (IMP009) Designing with Insulated Metal Roof Panels (IMP010)          
Designing with Architectural Insulated Metal Wall Panels (IMP011)  


Metl-Span is a Registered Provider with The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System and is a Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) Education Provider.  All Metl-Span CE courses provide one continuing education unit for AIA and state credit, and qualify for HSW and SD through the AIA continuing education system.