Aerzen USA Plant

Metl-Span Panels Play Key Role On Leed Gold Manufacturing Facility

The new Aerzen USA plant in Coatesville, PA is one of the most environmentally-friendly industrial buildings in the state and believed to be Pennsylvania’s first manufacturing facility to achieve LEED Gold certification. Aerzen manufactures high-end industrial blowers, vacuum pumps and compressors.


Approximately 54,000 sq. ft. of Metl-Span insulated panels were used in wall and roof applications. The 5” CF-42 Flute walls panels were finished in Kynar 500 Cool Parchment on the exterior. The 5” CFR-42 standing seam roof panels were finished in Kynar 500 Polar White on the exterior. The interior profile for both the roof and walls was Mesa.

Design for the project was done by Re: Vision Architecture, Philadelphia. The firm, which specializes in high performance buildings, green design and sustainability, began the process with a 5-day design charette. “It was one of the most successful charettes that we’ve conducted,” said Mike Cronomiz, project architect. “The client initially wanted a ‘green tinged’ building but the more they learned about sustainability and green buildings, the more they wanted to invest in it.”

The Metl-Span panels became a part of the project approximately one year after the design process started. “We were looking for a cost effective way to provide a really smart manner of finishing and insulating the space,” according to Cronomiz. “The design team discovered Metl-Span, and it was probably one of the best finds that we made. I can’t say enough good things about it. It provided outstanding insulation qualities, met our tight budget constraints and it was easy to install. The building was closed in less than a week.”

Installation of the Metl-Span panels was done by Perley-Halladay Associates, West Chester, PA. “A typical manufacturing warehouse would use standard siding and batt insulation,” according to John Halladay, sales manager. “In this case, since the team was going for LEED certification, the Metl-Span panels quadrupled the insulation value. The 5” panels that would normally be used for freezer applications really provide outstanding insulation qualities.”

An added benefit of the all-in-one Metl-Span composite panels is that they install directly on top of the purlins, according to Halladay. “They provide a nice interior skin that is attractive without having to add a liner panel of any sort. That’s always a bonus using Metl-Span,” Halladay said.

The general contractor on the project was Adams-Bickel Associates, Inc., Collegeville, PA.

Metl-Span pioneered many of the developments of insulated metal panels and continues to make significant contributions to design innovations and technology that shape industry standards. For more information on the complete line of Metl-Span products, call 877-585-9969 or visit