Beauregard Electric

Metl-Span Panels Provide Major Facelift For Electric Utility

The headquarters building of Beauregard Electric Cooperative, Deridder, LA, was originally constructed in the 1950’s and had been added onto several times.  It clearly needed a facelift.

A unique retrofit solution was accomplished by putting a pre-engineered building over the existing structure.  The project, completed in October, 2000, utilized 28,000 square feet of Metl-Span polyurethane insulated roof panels finished in Surrey Beige color.

According to John Gates, the civil engineer involved with the design/build job, “In addition to improving the look of the building, the board of directors wanted something that would be energy efficient and, of course, wouldn’t leak. We initially considered a single skin sheet metal roof.  But the Metl-Span insulated panel won out because of its energy efficiency and the little difference in cost.”

A Dutch gable hip roof design produced the attractive architectural look that the utility wanted.  Dormers cleverly disguised plumbing vents.

Leak protection was assured due to the continuous panel running from ridge to eve. All panels were manufactured at the Metl-Span plant in Lewisville, Texas and shipped in pre-cut lengths to the job site.

The Metl-Span CFR-42 roof panel has a 42” net coverage and a mechanically closed standing seam that is 2” high.  Profiling between the seams is a Mesa pattern with stucco embossing for added strength and superior appearance.  Panels are attached to the structure with clips and fasteners concealed in the sidejoint to ensure maximum water tightness.

The metal composite foam panels attach directly to the supporting structure, eliminating the need to lay down a deck, vapor barrier, insulation and metal panel.  Metl-Span all-in-one panels are durable, economical and easy to install.

Metl-Span pioneered the development of insulated metal panels and continues to make significant contributions to design innovations and technology that have become industry standards.  For more information on the complete line of Metl-Span products, call 877-585-9969 or visit