Cold Storage


Building Barriers. Preserving Quality.

Above all else, climate-controlled environments need to ensure that their contents remain in peak condition and stay fresh for the end consumer. This requires building products with proper insulation values to maintain the facility’s desired temperature.

Redefining cold storage for 40 years, Metl-Span® lightweight panels are building the barriers necessary to maintain ideal temperatures in cooler, freezer and food processing buildings as well as dry goods warehouses.

The Metl-Span family of cold storage products has the versatility to function as walls, ceilings and roofs and is well suited for interior and exterior applications. Metl-Span impermeable exterior and interior faces actually increase in “R” value as the mean core temperature of the panel decreases, insuring the highest insulating values are maintained for the lifespan of the building. When installed, the insulation is completely encapsulated by metal trim that creates a watertight membrane on all sides of the panel.

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Our complete lineup of cold storage products can be found below.

CF Flute

CF Flute

Creates a bold vertical lines pattern for cold storage buildings

CF Mesa

CF Mesa

Well suited for exterior and interior partition applications

CF Light-Mesa

CF Light Mesa

Well suited for exterior and interior partition applications

CF Partition

CF Partition Wall

Ideal for interior face of food processing areas


CFR Roof

Standing seam metal roof panel for controlled temperature applications

Top Reasons for Condensation in Refrigerated Buildings. Fill out the form to download PDF.