Fire Resistant Door And Window Design

Metl-Span Introduces UL-Rated Fire Resistant Door and Window Design

Metl-Span, Lewisville, TX, has received UL certifications for the application of hollow metal doors and windows within 1 hour and 2 hour fire resistant rated walls constructed with Metl-Span’s ThermalSafe insulated panels. The door designs meet the criteria of UL 10B, UL 10C, Can-S104 and UBC 7-2 standards. The window designs meet the criteria of UL 9, Can4-S106 and UBC 7-4 standards.

The fire resistant ThermalSafe panels are constructed of metal facings bonded to a non-combustible mineral fiber core. The panels utilize the proven thermal, structural and weather resistance performance of Metl-Span’s composite panel technology. ThermalSafe panels are made from recyclable raw materials. The non-combustible mineral fiber core is a natural product that contains no VOCs and CFCs that affect the ozone layer or add to climate change potential.

“The ThermalSafe door and window design is another example of Metl-Span’s pioneering role in composite panel technology,” according to Doug Pickens, vice president, sales & marketing. “The design allows standard door and window units provided by the contractor to be integrated with ThermalSafe and CF walls with minimum intrusion and to do so with great flexibility of door and window types, configurations, sizes and options.”

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