Metl-Span is a dynamic industry innovator dedicated to manufacturing and marketing the highest quality insulated building panel products. From educational structures to public facilities, recreational buildings, and the retrofit of a rundown mechanic garage into an office space and yoga studio, Metl-Span creates insulated metal panels to help make your dreams a reality. Take a look at some of our recent projects to see how IMPs can be incorporated into any project as a wall and/or roof system to achieve the design aesthetics and energy-efficiency desired.


 Agriculture & Grow Rooms Market Aviation Market

Agriculture & Grow Rooms

Athletic Facilities


Agricultural and grow facilities require ideal conditions in order to maximize yield and support the plants’ photosynthesis process.          Read more… Metl-Span IMP’s provide superior insulation and aesthetic values that set athletic facilities apart.                     Read more… Airlines are continually looking for ways to increase the size of their aircraft in order to add more seats while passengers want assurance that the aircraft has been stored in a secure, weathertight facility.                Read more…
Education K-12 Market Healthcare Market Manufacturing Market

Education K-12



A school building’s exterior can speak volumes about the educational excellence on the inside– and K-12 schools across the country are taking note.               Read more… Healthcare construction projects are growing at a rapid pace. Healthcare facilities are faced with a significant need for both new construction and renovations.              Read more… More manufacturers are moving their production facilities to the US and this has prompted a need for more facilities.      Read more…
Office Religious Facilities Market Retail Market


Religious Facilities


Office spaces are continuing to evolve…An estimated 72% of current office buildings have no attention on energy savings.    Read more… Current religious facilities are aging and organizations continue to grow as well, causing need for new buildings and sanctuaries..      Read more… Recent shifts in the retail landscape are leading to an increase in construction spending and changing the entire consumer shopping experience.   Read more…
Retrofit Market Self-Storage Market Warehouse Market




More than 50% of all commercial buildings will need to be retrofitted to ensure energy efficiency, remain code compliant and increase productivity.      Read more… Self-storage buildings require a very strict climate cold to protect the contents from extreme heat in the summers and extreme cold in the winters.    Read more… As internet retailers become an increasingly popular source for consumer goods, the warehouse space needed to store retailer supplies is also growing rapidly.    Read more…