Cold Storage

Cold Storage Market

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Metl-Span IMPs Freezing Out the Competition 

The U.S. cold storage market continues to grow, and is forecasted to become nearly a $20 billion industry by 2025. This growth has been led by the rise of industries such as online grocery sales, which requires grocers to shift from brick and mortar stores to warehouses and distribution centers.

Grocers and others alike depend on reliable building products to maintain a temperature-controlled environment that preserves the contents of their warehouses.

Metl-Span® cold storage panels are an ideal solution for freezer and food processing buildings — along with dry goods warehouses and other controlled environment buildings — where ensuring that products remain in peak condition is crucial for business.

Metl-Span IMP Benefits:

  • Preserving Insulation
  • One-Step Installation
  • Sustainable Savings

Fresh Direct Cold Storage Market

                                                                            Fresh Direct

Fulton Fish Market Cold Storage Market

                                                                      Fulton Fish Market

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