Entertainment Market

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Metl-Span IMPs Steal the Show

Entertainment venues require two things from the buildings that enclose them – to provide a durable solution where guests are free of worry from the elements outside, and to create an exterior atmosphere that makes visitors feel comfortable upon entering.

Metl-Span® insulated metal panels (IMPs) provide the ideal solution for both new and retrofit construction across all entertainment facilities, from concert venues and arcades to theatres and museums.

Metl-Span IMPs outfit entertainment venues with a sleek façade, and their airtight faces ensure the highest insulating values are achieved for the life of the building. The unique combination of welcoming aesthetics, high performance insulation and a fast-tracked construction schedule make Metl-Span IMPs a superior solution for wall, ceiling and roof applications.

Metl-Span IMP Benefits:

  • Entertaining Insulation
  • Exhibiting Installation
  • Show-Stopping Aesthetics

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Night Time Pablo Center at Confluence

Pablo Center at Confluence

Pablo Center at Confluence

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