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The Solution to Growing Facility Problems

Hydroponic growing uses 60-90% less water than conventional growing methods and can produce 50% higher yield in half the space. However, it is gravely important to maintain an optimal internal environment to generate the best results.

In an industry where being environmentally conscious while maximizing yield is critical, growing facilities require an envelope solution to accommodate both production and efficiency.

Metl-Span® insulated metal panels (IMPs) help to ensure a consistent temperature- and humidity-controlled interior environment, while the ThermalSafe® fire resistant panels offer an ideal solution for fire protection in the facility’s corridors and hallways.

Metl-Span IMPs:

  • Feature impermeable faces and built-in thermal breaks to ensure the highest insulating values and temperature/humidity controls
  • Come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including our USDA-approved Igloo White to enhance reflectivity inside the grow room
  • Are lightweight yet strong, to help your facility get up and running quickly with a one-step construction process

Metl-Span ThermalSafe Panels:

  • Are composed of an advanced mineral wool core, providing enhanced insulated values to lower heating and cooling costs
  • Achieve a one-, two- and three-hour fire-resistance rating for non-load-bearing walls
  • Offer a 90-minute fire-resistance rating for a non-load-bearing ceiling

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CF Mesa ThermalSafe

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