Manufacturing Market

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Metl-Span IMPs Manufacture Success

The United States has the largest manufacturing presence of any country in the world, producing 18.2% of goods across the globe.

Thanks to a variety of factors, from wage increases overseas to a U.S. commitment to innovation and R&D spending, more manufacturers are moving their production facilities to the United States in an effort to make them more competitive. These developments, combined with the fact that Canada is reaching peak utilization capacity, has prompted a pressing need for more manufacturing facilities across North America.

Metl-Span® insulated metal panels (IMPs) provide manufacturing facilities with enhanced insulation values to safeguard and help facilitate the assembly and production process for all types of manufactured products.

Metl-Span IMP Benefits:

  • IMP Insulation
  • Industrial Installation
  • Operative Sustainability


Takao Manufacturing Market


Lisega Manufacturing Market


Jyoti Americas Manufacturing Market

                                                               Jyoti Americas

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