Metl-Span introduces Hef-T, a stronger innovative ceiling support

Metl-Span has introduced Hef-T, an improved aluminum ceiling support designed with a stronger T component for ceiling applications.

Hef-T has a taller web (vertical leg), offering customers longer panel length options when the rod spacing exceeds 5 feet on center. The taller web also means the Hef-T can be used with 3-inch and thicker CF panels from Metl-Span. It also has notches at the two edges of the flange that allow for the installation of a snap-on PVC cover when used with the CleanSeam panel.

“The Hef-T aluminum support is an extruded T-shape suspended from roof support members by hanger rods,” says Jay Smith, vice president of sales at Metl-Span. “Hef-T is quick to install and fully engineered to provide maximum support spacings.”

The Hef-T (as part number 9467AWH, and splice plate set, part number 9463GNC) is now available. The allowable load chart is attached here. It’s available with CAD details for Hef-T at, in the Document Library, under Resources.

The existing T support, Tuff T, is available (as part number 9466AWH, and splice, part number 9462GNC) and is recommended for use with panels between 2 and 2-1/2 inches in thickness. The Tuff T and existing splice plate will not be stocked and will be subject to custom extrusion lead times.

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