Architectural Grilles

Metl-Span Architectural Grilles and screenwalls provide striking visual impact to building facades and shield unattractive equipment or construction from view, all in one energy-efficient package. With a wide range of styles and profiles, including architectural, perforated, eggcrate and screenwall, it’s easy to combine excellent airflow and sun control with sight-line management and visibility screening. Choose from a wide range of metals, colors, finishes and sizes to tailor each grille to a specific building design.


  • Allow for maximum visible privacy
  • Available in standard and full closure
  • Alternating bars create a unique “stepping stone” appearance
  • Lighter, more contemporary look than traditional grilles
  • Completely customizable
  • Perfect for parking garages and equipment closures
  • Straight or angled bars to deflect headlights in parking garages