Architectural Sunshades

Metl-Span Architectural Sunshades filter the sun’s heat, minimize glare, reduce radiant heat loss, and integrate natural light into indoor spaces. Made with sustainable materials which contribute to LEED® credits, every product is custom engineered for superior durability and maximum versatility. Metl-Span sunshades are fully customizable and ideal for new construction and retrofit.


  • Vertical and Horizontal orientation options
  • Contemporary appeal, modern approach
  • Attach to curtain wall or façade
  • Wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Utilizes perforated material
  • Strong, durable, functional
  • Design options may include straight and tilted blades
  • Custom fabrication available to match the contour of the building.

Uses and Applications

  • Vertical Sunshades
  • Airfoil and Screen Wall Sunshades
  • Eggcrate Grille Sunshades
  • Radiused Sunshades