Column Covers and Beam Wraps

Metl-Span Column Covers and Beam Wraps are precision engineered to meet virtually and architectural need, and are designed to adapt to practically any geometric configuration. They are easy to install and are custom-designed to blend seamlessly with the building’s existing structure. Perfect for interior and exterior use, column covers and beam wraps by Metl-Span are a low-maintenance, cost effective solution.


  • Maximum length of 10′
  • Column wraps available in 15” minimum diameter
  • Custom-fabricated to match building contours
  • Designed for durability and functionality
  • Low-maintenance and cost-effective
  • Provides a seamless and continuous look
  • Unlimited palette of finishes, colors and textures with a 20-year warranty
  • Hand-crafted patterns and colors are available
  • Available materials are aluminum, stainless steel and ACM


  • Round and Oval Column Covers
  • Square and Rectangular Column Covers
  • Specialty Shape Column Wraps
  • Beam Wraps