Load Span Tables

The Load Span Tables below, excluding Partition Wall, are based on Allowable Stress Design (ASD). For loads calculated based on ASCE 7-10 (LRFD), please refer to section 2.4.1 of ASCE 7-10 for the applicable load combinations using Allowable Stress Design.

US Mesa Wall Panels Load Charts

US CF-42 Mesa 26 Ga. Exterior / 26 Ga. Interior

US Mesa 26 Ga. Exterior / 26 Ga. Interior – ACL

US Mesa 26 Ga. Exterior / 26 Ga. Interior – APL

US CF-42 and CF-45 Mesa 26 Ga. Exterior / 26 Ga. Interior 5 psf


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Deflection caused by temperature differential induced thermal bow is not addressed in the above table and may result in allowable spans that are less than the spans listed above and may require the use of heavier 24 or 22 gage panel facings at added cost. Except for self-supporting the dead weight of the panel, partition wall panels are non-load bearing. Ceiling panels must be supported from the structure above or by an internal support structure. Panel skins must be captured at both ends of the panel by supporting members designed to support reaction pressures from a 5 psf interior pressure. CF-42 = 42″ wide. CF-45 = 44.5″ wide.