ThermalSafe® Non Combustible Panel

ThermalSafe® NC is Metl-Span’s latest mineral wool panel designed for non-combustible wall construction. The panel consists of a 3″ thick structural mineral wool core bonded to steel facings.

ThermalSafe® NC mineral wool panels offer a level of flexibility unattainable with cement block or gypsum wallboard. The panels can be erected in a single-step with one crew as an exterior or interior non-combustible wall. ThermalSafe NC panels may be installed without sealant in the side joint for partition wall applications when a vapor seal is not required, greatly enhancing installation speed.

ThermalSafe®NC insulated metal panels are made from raw materials that are environmentally friendly and have no VOCs and CFCs that affect the ozone layer or blowing agents that add to global warming potential. ThermalSafe Non Combustible Panel

Uses and Applications

ThermalSafe®NC non-combustible panels are ideal for industrial buildings like manufacturing plants, auxiliary buildings at refineries and other at risk for fire building installations. Warehouses of all types are excellent structures for mineral wool panels, where they can be installed as non-combustible exterior or interior walls. High occupancy structures like sports arenas and gymnasiums, cold storage warehouses, bakeries and other food processing facilities are well suited for ThermalSafe®NC panels.

Compare the Features and Benefits

Non-Combustible Core resists high temperatures and will not burn, providing excellent fire resistant qualities. One-Step Construction process assures rapid completion of the wall system.  Factory fabricated composite panels are attached directly to the supporting structure and multiple steps associated with installation of concrete blocks or numerous layers of gypsum wallboard are eliminated. Superior Thermal Performance and protection from the elements across the entire wall area is assured with Metl-Span ThermalSafe® NC panels.  The advanced mineral wool core provides enhanced insulated values that significantly lower heating and cooling costs. Reusable Panels can be disassembled, moved and reinstalled rather than having to be demolished, the waste materials disposed of and the walls completely rebuilt. Better Sound Absorption acoustical properties are archived with ThermalSafe® NC compared to foam insulated metal panels. Aesthetic Profile facing can be combined with Metl-Span CF Light Mesa foam insulated wall panels for consistency in profile, texture and color.