Since its debut in 1914, Wrigley Field has become known for its neoclassical architecture with generous expanses of ivy-lined brick walls and muted greens and grays.

So when the historic home of the Chicago Cubs began undergoing extensive renovations in 2014, its new video boards needed a durable, weather-tight solution that wouldn’t compromise the iconic stadium’s color palette. That’s when VOA Associates Incorporated of Chicago turned to Metl-Span®, specifying CF30 architectural insulated metal panels (IMPs) in Gettysburg Gray and Scoreboard Green.

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About Metl-Span IMPs

Retaining the desired aesthetic is critical for any retrofit project—and meeting performance goals is non-negotiable. From stadium facelifts to school renovations, Metl-Span insulated metal wall panels (IMPs) deliver a combination of:

  • Weather-tight performance
  • High insulation value and energy efficiency
  • Color-matching and aesthetic options
  • Ease of installation

Metl-Span® IMPs are strategically engineered with an advanced urethane core to withstand the hygrothermal loads (combined forces of heat, air and moisture) that typically put stress on building enclosures and require advanced thermal controls. They’re not only configured to provide resistance to air and moisture intrusion with superior thermal insulation, but also feature advanced energy efficiency geared to drive down costs. Metl-Span IMPs are also available in an evolving array of colors and finishes to help redefine the facades of your commercial, industrial and cold storage projects.

Redefine how you do retrofits. Our first-class customer service team will work with you to ensure your Metl-Span choice aligns with your project requirements.