Textile Manufacturing Plant

Metl-Span Panels Provide Air-Tight Solution for Huge Retrofit Project

Weston, Inc., one of Cleveland’s largest real estate operators, had a textile manufacturing tenant that was suffering from major climate control problems. The solution was to re-skin the entire building with more than 125,000 sq. ft. of Metl-Span’s CFR-42 polyurethane foam insulated roof panels and 45,000 sq. ft. of Metl-Span’s CF flute wall panels.

The plant was originally constructed as a pre-engineered building. But the structure was simply too loose to meet the stringent humidity control requirements that were necessary for the tenant’s manufacturing processes.

“The building needed to be vapor tight,” according to Rusty Myers, project manager for subcontractor MetalMark, Inc., Stow, OH. “The original batten lock panels just didn’t work.”

Rather than remove the original panels, MetalMark built a sub- frame system to which the Metl-Span roof and wall panels were attached. To assure proper humidity control, caulking was applied to seal the roof to the walls and the walls to the block.

Installation was complicated by the fact that the plant continued in full operation during the retrofit. In addition, removal of interior insulation required that the pane  installation be completed in sections as the abatement work progressed.

“It was definitely a challenging installation,” said Myers. “But Metl-Span is a wonderful panel to work with. It’s really a great product!”

According to MetalMark president Dick Welton, “We’ve worked with Metl-Span for years and were confident Metl-Span could meet the design requirements. The owner,Weston, Inc., and the tenant are ecstatic with the look of the building plus its ability to function relative to their needs.”

Metl-Span pioneered the development of insulated metal panels and continues to make significant contributions to design innovations and technology that have become industry standards. For more information on the complete line of Metl-Span products,call 877-585-9969 or visit www.metlspan.com.