Wendy’s press release #2

Metl-Span Panels Insulate Storage Freezer At New Wendy’s Bakery

A new 143,000 square foot Wendy’s bakery facility includes extensive use of Metl-Span insulated foam panels in both exterior and interior applications, including a 21,000 square foot storage freezer.  The New Bakery Company, Zanesville, Ohio, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wendy’s International, produces more than 400 million sandwich buns per year for Wendy’s restaurants.

The project, completed in October 2001, utilizes 122,000 square feet of Metl-Span polyurethane insulated roof panels and 65,000 square feet of wall panels, all in Polar White.

The walls and roof of the massive freezer utilize Metl-Span 6” panels instead of standard decking.  The freezer maintains a minus 10 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Concerned about cleanliness and minimizing dust, Wendy’s design/build contractor for the project, Exxcel Contract Management, Columbus, involved Suhar & Associates Architects, Cincinnati.  The firm specializes in large food processing facilities.

According to architect John Suhar, “We have been recommending Metl-Span for more than 15 years.  It’s a durable, clean panel that has no delamination problems.  And it provides great temperature control in the thicknesses that we needed.”

Wendy’s sought to avoid dust and flour mite issues that traditional fluted and corrugated decking can encourage.  That’s where subcontractor Envirotech Construction Corp., Brazil, Indiana, entered the picture.  Envirotech specializes in cold storage and controlled-environment construction.

According to Mike Boles of Envirotech. “We didn’t consider pursuing the project with any other roofing manufacturer.  The Metl-Span CFR-42 standing seam roof panel is a flat, painted, sealed FDA-accepted surface.  It’s a one-piece, composite panel that was perfect for this job. Along with the architect, we took the owners to inspect other projects using Metl-Span panels.  They were convinced.”

“Besides,” says Boles, “we’ve used Metl-Span for many years and had great experience.  They are a class company and stand behind what they sell.”

The Metl-Span CFR-42 roof panel has a 42” net coverage and a mechanically closed standing seam that is 2” high.  Profiling between the seams is a Mesa pattern with stucco embossing for added strength and superior appearance.  Panels are extremely easy to clean and are attached to the structure with clips and fasteners concealed in the sidejoint to ensure maximum water tightness.

The metal composite foam panels attach directly to the supporting structure, eliminating the need to lay down a deck, vapor barrier, insulation and metal panel.  Metl-Span all-in-one panels are durable, economical and easy to install.

In addition to the roof panels, the Wendy’s project includes extensive use of Metl-Span insulated wall panels for interior partitions separating temperature-controlled areas.

All panels were manufactured at the Metl-Span plant in Lewisville, Texas and shipped in pre-cut lengths to the job site.  Factory notching and swaged ends eliminated field reworking and reduced erection costs.

Metl-Span pioneered the development of insulated metal panels and continues to make significant contributions to design innovations and technology that have become industry standards.  For more information on the complete line of Metl-Span products, call 877-585-9969 or visit www.metlspan.com.