The Metropolitan Area EMS Authority, known as MedStar, is the exclusive emergency and non-emergency ambulance provider to 15 cities in Tarrant County, Texas.

In 2019, MedStar planned a new 20,600-square-foot deployment center in Fort Worth to better serve the northern part of its service area. The deployment center allows up to 20 ambulances to park in two rows end to end with space to open the doors and pull out stretchers to clean all equipment.

At the site, ambulances circulate through a vehicle wash and then proceed into the 250-foot-by-75-foot center for restocking and sanitizing. Alongside the drive lanes are an employee lounge, exercise room, locker rooms, offices, and training rooms for staff to use between calls.

To deliver a functional building that also offered aesthetic appeal, architects selected Metl-Span insulated metal panels for the building exterior.

Curb Appeal and Energy Efficiency   

Local design review required the new deployment center for MedStar to be energy efficient while also delivering a modern aesthetic.

Architects selected Metl-Span Striated Wall Panels to fit the bill.

“Metl-Span panels are architecturally sophisticated and meet energy codes,” said Glen Hahn, president of Innovative Developers, Inc. “There wasn’t another solution to solve [MedStar’s] challenge, in our opinion. Metl-Span had all the right characteristics architecturally, structurally, and for energy needs.”

The building design features a single-slope roof with a 37-foot wall in the back and a 20-foot wall in the front. Across the front, brick was installed over the Metl-Span Striated panels to meet design requirements from the local community.

The Metl-Span Striated Wall panels offered exceptional value to the project, combining the aesthetics of a flat wall panel with the high insulation ratings of a polyurethane core. Once the Metl-Span panels were installed, the inside of the building was complete, saving time and money by eliminating the need for additional insulation or a barrier wall.

More Than Meets the Eye  

Metl-Span concealed fastener Striated insulated metal panels create a flat appearance from afar and a dimensional appeal up close. The panels create a subtle shadow effect with longitudinal striations and achieve remarkable insulation ratings. The Striated panels aid in achieving LEED status for building design with outstanding R-values.

Answering the Call   

MedStar’s new deployment center broke ground in May 2019 and opened for use in March 2020. Metl-Span installation was complete in six weeks.

Architect: Schwarz Hanson Architects

General Contractor: Innovative Developers, Inc.

Dealer: Butler Manufacturing Company

Products: Striated Wall Panel