Metl-Span 2018 calendar showcases top IMP projects

Metl-Span is releasing a 2018 calendar to highlight the company’s top 12 insulated metal panel projects of the last year.

The Cliff Hangers project in Mooresville, N.C., was voted by Metl-Span employees as the top overall project and was awarded the calendar cover position. Cliff Hangers is a state-of-the-art climbing facility, with everything from speed climbing, introductory classes, yoga studio, fitness area, Café and kid’s climbing area.

“Metl-Span IMPs are being specified throughout North America by architects looking for an attractive and durable insulated metal panel,” says Amanda Storer, Brand Manager at Metl-Span. “Our installing customers are doing a great job on buildings that have become their signature projects. We’re very excited to be able to highlight these projects in the 2018 calendar and hope to make this an annual showcase.”

Winning Projects

January – Cliff Hangers, Mooresville, N.C.

Metl-Span product: Santa Fe wall panels; Architect: Cluck Design Collaborative, Charlotte, N.C.; GC: Barringer Construction, Raleigh, N.C.; Installer: Baker Roofing, Raleigh, N.C..

February – Huntsville Aquatics Center, Huntsville, Ala.

Product: CFA wall panels; Architect: NOLA Van Peursem, Huntsville, Ala.; Installer: Yancey and Jamieson Inc., Austell, Ga.; GC: Pearce Construction Company, Huntsville, Ala.

March – Liberty University Indoor Football Practice Facility, Lynchburg, Va.

Product: CFA wall panels; Architect: VMDO Architects, Charlottesville, Va.; Installer: W.H. Stovall & Co., Ashland, Va.

April – Exeter YMCA, Exeter, N.H.

Product: CFA wall panel, Striated; Architect: Bruce Ronayne Hamilton Architects, New Ipswich, N.H.; GC: Bob Frizell General Contractor, Milton, N.H.

May – Sirna & Sons Produce, Ravenna, Ohio

Product: Flute, Light Mesa and Mesa wall panels; Architect: Peninsula Architects, Peninsula, Ohio; GC: Janotta & Herner Inc., Monroeville, Ohio

June – Mohawk College Classroom Building, Stoney Creek, Ont.

Product: CFA wall panel, Striated; Architect: Lanhack Consulting, Hamilton, Ont.; Installer: Igloo Installations Inc., Cambridge, Ont.; GC: Reid & DeLeye Contractors, Courtland, Ont.

July – Streetscape Developments Inc., Saskatoon, Sask.

Product: CF 36 wall panel in three colors; Architect: Kent Sutherland Group Architecture, Saskatoon, Sask.; Installer: Thermo Design Insulation, Saskatoon, Sask.; GC: PCL Construction, Edmonton, Alb.

August – NY Film Hub, Syracuse, N.Y.

Product: CFA wall panel; Architect: QPK Design, Syracuse, N.Y.; GC: Ajay Glass Co., Canandaigua, N.Y.

September – INIT Transportation, Chesapeake, Va.

Product: CFA wall panel; Architect: JP Harvey Engineering Solutions, Hampton, Va.; Installer, EPOC Construction Inc., Newport News, Va.; GC: Varco Pruden Buildings, Memphis, Tenn.

October – SORAA, East Syracuse, N.C.

Product: CFA wall panel; Architect: EYP Architecture & Engineering, Boston; GC: Ajay Glass Co., Canandaigua, N.Y.

November – Atlantic Healthy Foods, Conley, Ga.

Products: Flute, Mesa, ThermalSafe wall panels; Architect: Tippmann Group, Fort Wayne, Ind., GC: Tippmann Construction Inc., Fort Wayne, Ind.

December – The Ark at JFK Airport, Jamaica, N.Y.

Products: CFA, Light Mesa, Mesa, ThermalSafe; Architect: Gensler, New York; Installer: Stuart Berger Construction Corp., Lynbrook, N.Y. GC: Holt Construction, Pearl River, N.Y.

Metl-Span, an NCI Building Systems (NYSE: NCS) company, delivers high-quality, durable and energy-efficient insulated metal panels designed for unparalleled performance to stand the test of time. For more information on Metl-Span products, call 877-585-9969 or visit

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