Metl-Span has developed the Metl-Vision® window system to further complement the exceptional architectural aesthetics and function of Metl-Span’s horizontal wall panels.  Metl-Vision is the first window system with a flush frame designed to fully integrate with the Metl-Span 2” and 3” horizontal wall panel to ensure a weathertight installation.  The system offers great flexibility in window size, multiple lite configurations and window finish options.  The finished assembly eliminates interface problems common with standard windows mated to Metl-Span wall panels that are horizontally applied.

Compare the Features

  • The window system is a flush frame design that fully integrates with Metl-Span horizontal wall panels.
  • Components are thermally broken to minimize thermal conductance and condensation resistance.
  • Sight lines are kept to a minimum to enhance the appearance of the finished window/wall system.
  • Window frame is designed for the glazing to be installed from the building interior to reduce weather related delays and the need for lifting equipment.
  • Fully sealed joints and sill end dams and weep drainage provisions ensure weathertight performance.