Flurothane® II

Flurothane® II combines two of the most effective coating technologies in the industry, urethane and fluoropolymer containing 70% Kynar® 500 or Hylar® 5000 resins. Flurothane II is formulated to protect your building in tough environments while requiring very little maintenance to keep your building looking good for years to come. It has proven effective against UV rays, corrosion, humidity, acid rain and a wide range of chemicals and other pollutants. Flurothane II has excellent gloss retention and resists chalking, fading, chipping and dirt.

Coatings Specifications

  1. Color Change (ASTM D 2244) No more than 5® Hunter units at 20 years.
  2. Chalk Resistance (ASTM D 4214) Rating no less than 8 at 20 years.
  3. Specular Gloss at 60° (ASTM D 523) 5 to 35. A 5-15 at 85° also available.
  4. Dew Cycle Weatherometer Test (ASTM D 366) Passes 1,000 hours. Color change no more than 5Δ Hunter units and chalk rating no less than 8.
  5. Humidity Resistance (ASTM D 2247) 100% relative humidity. Passes 2,000 hours with no field blisters.
  6. Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B 117) Passes 2,000 hours with no blisters and ≤ 1/16″ creep from scribe.
  7. T-Bend (ASTM D 4145) 1 to 3T minimum. No loss of adhesion.
  8. Impact Resistance Test, Reverse Impact (ASTM D 2794) 3x metal thickness in inch-pounds. No loss of adhesion.
  9. Abrasion Resistance Test Falling Sand (ASTM D 968) 100 ± 10 liters
  10. Pencil Hardness (ASTM D 3363) HB to 2H
  11. Cross Hatch Adhesion (ASTM D 3359) No loss of adhesion