Flurothane® V

Flurothane® V combines two of the most effective coating technologies in the industry, urethane and fluoropolymer containing 70% Kynar® 500 or Hylar® 5000 resins. Flurothane V is formulated to protect your building project in extremely harsh environments where ultimate protection against salt spray and chemical corrosion is needed.

Flurothane V Coating

Flurothane V coatings have proven effective against UV rays, corrosion, humidity, acid rain and a wide array of chemicals and other pollutants, resulting in exceptional gloss and color retention as well as resistance to chalking, chipping, and cracking.

Coatings Specifications

  1. Specular Gloss at 60° (ASTM D 523) 5 to 35
  2. Dew Cycle Weatherometer Test (ASTM D 366) Passes 1,000 hours. Color change no more than 5Δ Hunter units and chalk rating no less than 8.
  3. Humidity Resistance (ASTM D 2247) 100% relative humidity. Passes 4,000 hours with no field blisters.
  4. Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B 117) Passes 2,000 hours with no blisters and ≤ 1/32” creep from scribe.
  5. Chemical Resistance Test (ASTM D 1308)
    10% Hydrochloric Acid solution-24 hours-No visible changes
    20% Hydrochloric Acid solution-18 hours-No bleaching
    20% Sulfuric Acid-18 hours-No bleaching
    25% Sodium Hydroxide-1 hour-No color change. No blistering.
    20% Muriatic Acid-15 minutes-No color change. No blistering.
  6. T-Bend (ASTM D 4145) -2T minimum. No loss of adhesion.
  7. Impact Resistance Test, Reverse Impact (ASTM D 2794) 3x metal thickness inch-pounds. No loss of adhesion.
  8. Abrasion Resistance Test Falling Sand (ASTM D 968) 300 ± 50 liters
  9. Pencil Hardness (ASTM D 3363) HB to 2H
  10. Cross Hatch Adhesion (ASTM D 3359) No loss of adhesion