Commercial & Industrial


Metl-Span commercial and industrial panels serve as walls, ceilings and roofs for commercial and industrial buildings, in new and retrofit construction. Metl-Span insulated metal panels can be easily adapted to pre-engineered metal building designs for almost any end-use as walls and roofs, saving material and labor costs.

Applications include, but not limited to, schools, manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, equipment maintenance buildings, retail buildings, medical buildings, aircraft hangars, correctional facilities and office buildings.

7.2 Insul-Rib
CF Architectural Vertical
CF Light Mesa

7.2 Insul-Rib™

A traditional 7.2 rib panel design with a foam core

CFA Vertical

Ideal for high-profile applications

CF Flute

Bold vertical lines for commercial or industrial buildings

CF Light Mesa

Well suited for exterior and interior partition applications

CF Partition
HPCI Barrier
Santa Fe

CF Mesa

Well suited for exterior and interior partition applications

CF Partition

Bold vertical lines for commercial or industrial buildings

HPCI Barrier™

Wall panel that acts as an air, water, thermal & vapor barrier

Santa Fe®

Wall panel with heavy embossed stucco texture

CF Striated
Tuff Wall
CFR Roof


An attractive alternative to typical flat wall panels


Textured panel with the look of precast concrete

Tuff Wall®

An exceptionally attractive stucco-like wall panel

CFR Roof Panel

Standing seam metal roof panel for ambient applications


LS-36™ Insulated Roof and Wall Panel

A versatile roof and wall panel that is through fastened

Compare the Features & Benefits

Superior Insulating Value across the entire wall and roof area is assured with Metl-Span panels. The advanced polyurethane core provides enhanced insulation values that significantly lowers heating and cooling costs.

One-Piece Construction process assures rapid completion of the wall and roof system. Factory fabricated composite panels are attached directly to the supporting structure and multiple steps to construct the insulated wall and roof are eliminated. Faster building completion means reduced construction and interim financing costs.

Lightweight yet Structurally Strong panels weigh only 2 ½ to 3 ½ pounds per square foot, but are structurally strong enough for long spans that can significantly reduce costs for frame support.

Impermeable Faces & Built-in Thermal Breaks ensure the highest insulating values are maintained for the life of the building. Panels are manufactured with impermeable faces and when installed the insulation is completely encapsulated by metal trim that creates an impermeable membrane on all sides of the panel. The aged “R” values are comparable to the initial “R” values many years after the buildings original completion. Assured thermal values mean lower heating and cooling costs.

Class 1 Polyurethane Foam meets the requirements of the major model building codes for many types of construction. Unlike panels with expanded polystyrene cores they will not produce a self-propagating fire. Local building codes may require automatic fire suppression systems for most installations.

Concealed Attachment with clips and fasteners at the side joint of the panel offers a clean high profile appearance. No more barn like metal building looks.

Metl-Span Panels are Lightweight, yet very strong and durable attributing to reduced costs for erection and structural support.