Thermal Bowing

September 2019
When looking at evaluating different construction materials, particularly those that will have to withstand extreme temperature changes, it's important to understand how they will react to the environment. An important aspect of using metal in construction is understanding t ... Continue reading

Keep it standard – Reasons to stay with 24”, 30”, 36” and 42”

September 2018
Standard sizing of lumber products began nearly a century ago to create a shared understanding between the lumber mills and the markets. Lumber products commonly traveled long distances by rail or water, making communication difficult. Standard sizes helped create an understand ... Continue reading

Designing with IMP Roof Panels

August 2018
Combining both utility and aesthetics, insulated metal roof panels are growing in popularity. Once used primarily for cold storage, this versatile building solution is ideal for numerous commercial and industrial projects. The IMP roof panels provide air, water, and vapor b ... Continue reading

Flat vs. Profiled. Embossed vs. Smooth: How to select a wall system that’s right for you

August 2018
        Innovations in building science are enabling contractors, builders, architects, and property managers to meet new performance and aesthetic goals. Insulated metal panels provide a simple solution with a variety of looks and appearance ... Continue reading

Differences and Similarities Between Vertical and Horizontal IMP Applications

July 2018
Insulated metal panels (IMPs) can be installed either vertically or horizontally. With Metl-Span’s CF series of wall panels, the exact same panels are used for either orientation. However, there are key differences in how the supporting wall system must be designed to acc ... Continue reading