ThermalSafe® NEF Fastener Fire Resistant Panel

Metl-Span’s ThermalSafe® Non-Exposed Fastener (NEF) mineral wool panel is the latest development in fire resistant wall construction technology and provides a flush appearance.

ThermalSafe® combines advanced panel design with Metl-Span’s sophisticated manufacturing expertise to create a composite panel with a core made from non-combustible structural mineral wool boards that are processed in the factory to maximize compressive strength.  The resulting fire rated panel has superior structural characteristics and span capability.   Metl-Span has created this mineral wool panel to achieve a one-, two- or three-hour fire resistance rating under the most demanding conditions.  In addition to its fire resistance characteristics, the panel provides good thermal performance and protection from the elements.  The unique LockGuard® interlocking side joint further enhances the fire resistant performance of the panel with its tongue and groove engagement of the mineral wool core.

ThermalSafe NEF Fastener Fire Resistant PanelThermalSafe NEF Fastener Joint Fire Resistant Panel

ThermalSafe NEF Fire Resistant Product Features:

Width: 42″
Thickness: Nominal 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″
Length: 8′-0″ to 40′-0″, variable by thickness.
R-Value: The core insulating properties are 3.61 “R” per inch
Exterior Profile: Ultra-Light Mesa, Santa Fe or Light Striated, nominal 1/32″ deep, embossed
Exterior Face: G-90 galvanized or AZ-50 aluminum-zinc coated steel in 26 and 24 Ga.
Interior Profile: Ultra Light Mesa, nominal 1/32″ deep, embossed
Interior Face: G-90 galvanized or AZ-50 aluminum-zinc coated steel in 26 and 24 Ga.
Joint: Exclusive LockGuard side joint has a flush, double-tongue-and-groove connection of the metal faces with an advanced integral spline to join the mineral wool core
Core: Non-combustible, rigid mineral wool lamellas. Mineral wool fibers are oriented perpendicular to the panel faces for maximum structural strength.
Thermal Values: K-Factor of 0.275 at 75°F (24°C) mean temperature (btu/sf/hr./deg.F)
Testing & Certifications: See Data Sheet

ThermalSafe NEF Fire Resistant Features and Benefits:

  • Non-Exposed Fastener (NEF)
  • Non-Combustible core
  • One-step construction
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Reusable panels
  • Better sound absorption
  • Aesthetic Profile