Backup Wall Systems

Metl-Span’s BW Universal and BW Stretch systems provide superior air, water, thermal and vapor protection in an all-in-one barrier wall component. Our BW Universal System can be horizontally installed with nearly any type of exterior rainscreen system. Our BW Stretch System can be vertically installed and span up to 6 feet on center. This unique insulated metal wall panel system introduces new standards in cost savings, design integrity and sustainability.

Our backup wall systems offer all-in-one component design, improving on traditional multi-component wall construction. This allows for easy, one-step installation which eliminates the need for multiple installers, requiring less coordination during the construction process. This single-source option also consolidates responsibility to one manufacturer and installer. Overall, backup wall systems are a great option for your building because they contribute to faster construction and a more energy-efficient building.  

Applications include, but not limited to, schools, manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, equipment maintenance buildings, retail buildings, medical buildings, aircraft hangars and office buildings.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides air, water, thermal and vapor barrier in one step
  • Allows you to use multiple facade options while not reducing thermal efficiency
  • Easy and fast installation, with reduced construction and labor costs
  • Encloses the building faster in all weather conditions

BW Systems Brochure

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